Chinar Deshpande

AI Enthusiast

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Pune, Maharashtra, India | | +91 7410760217


Indus International School, Pune

2021 - 2023

Grade 10 - MYP 5 E-Assessment - 52/56

Relevant Coursework - English, French, Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Design, History

Aditya English Medium School, Pune

2023 - Present

Grade 11 - CBSE (India School board) - 97/100

Relevant Coursework - English, Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Computer Science, Food and Nutrition


Standardized Test Scores

Online Courses

  1. Python, HTML/CSS and Bootstrap - Completed the 'Learn Python Programming Masterclass' on Udemy. Utilized Django Python, HTML/CSS and Bootstrap to create a resume submission portal for the Vattikuti Foundation (an NGO based in Michigan.) Expertise in using Machine Learning libraries such as Tensorflow and OpenCV. Successfully used Facial Emotion Recognition for a research project. I used Python to create a sophisticated algorithm for detecting scratches on cars.
  2. C++ - Completed the 'Beginning C++ Programming - From Beginner to Beyond' course on Udemy. Utilized advanced Data Structures, concepts such as Depth First Search, Djikstra's Algorithm and FloodFill Algorithm to traverse and manipulate graphs and matrices. Through the USACO guide, learned different competitive programming techniques and strategies.
  3. Java - Completed the 'Java 17 Masterclass' on Udemy. Appeared for the AP CS A Exam in Grade 8
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