Chinar Deshpande

AI Enthusiast

I am Chinar Deshpande, a Junior at Aditya English Medium School in Pune, India. I have a deep passion for academics and research, but more importantly, I cherish sports and interacting with people. While excelling in academics, I have recently developed a liking for competitive exams. I am AIME qualified and have also qualified for the Indian National Informatics Olympiad.

My Journey

An enthusiast in AI, particularly focused on Computer Vision since 9th grade. I have engaged in various research projects, such as identifying scratches on cars using Computer Vision and assessing student engagement levels in the classroom using AI. Currently, I am crafting a book on Computer Vision to facilitate my friends' understanding of this field. Moreover, I am actively involved in collaborating on the Future Collision Collider project with a professor at MIT.

Other Contributions

I actively contribute to the school by helping maintain and upgrade the Computer lab. Additionally, I hold the role of 'Culture Minister,' where I organize and coordinate various cultural activities, fostering a vibrant and engaging school environment.

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